Elementary entitlement

Here’s the deal – this is one of those Babbles I warned you about early on – the kind that stem from the apparent insanity running rampant with today’s parents. No meaningful content or life affirming message – just a little rant. In fact, I’m going to post a poll on the site – I need to validate my belief that some parents out there still have an ounce or two of reason sandwiched in their overscheduled brains.
Recently, my 14 year old started coming home with tales of his friend’s lavish graduation gifts. Unlike my son, I attended Catholic school; and as such my 8th grade graduation gifts consisted of a little cash, glow-in-the-dark Rosary beads and a blessing from the big-wig visiting clergy presiding over the ceremony – praying for the souls of my classmates. (And judging by some recent Facebook posts, the latter has proven beneficial.) That’s it, cash, beads & get-out-of Hell –free card; NOT iPads, parties rivaling Teen Cribs or phones capable of stock trades.
A smart boy, my son requested cash – in fact he gets a thrill going online to check the interest earned on his CD’s; true story. But don’t let that fool you, he still wants the ‘stuff’ his friends haul in, and believe me, he has more than his fair share already. But I worry the more common the big ticket gifts become at such early ages, the more he – and all of our kids, are at risk of losing the importance of earning over the expectation of entitlement.  (Dear God – I sound like my grandfather talking about the depression.)
So chime in – check out today’s poll or leave a comment. Let me know what you feel is appropriate for an 8th grade graduation gift – and how many kidneys I need to sell in order to buy it.

5 comments on “Elementary entitlement

  1. Patty says:

    I would say no more than $150 (thinking maybe ipod?) but $50 would certainly be enough if it were cash, I would think. My daughter is just finishing 8th grade, but I get a reprieve since here school goes up to 9th grade 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    well as far as I am concerned it is a promotion not a graduation….the sister is graduating and starting the next chapter in her life….no $$ for A's or B's ….just the benefits of being in our family …..

  3. Carolyn says:

    It is my child's "job" to go to school, do well, and get promoted to high school (without being paid). I will treat her friends to lunch. I will be taking my daughter for a special mani-pedi before the 8th grade dance. We already bought the fancy dress and shoes. No other gift or party …these kids have everything they need! This is above and beyond what our generation ever had.

  4. dmrug says:

    We went with the it's almost your birthday we'll get the new baseball glove you want for both graduation and your birthday. I think 8th grade graduation is just a step in the process for the big one. College graduation, that calls for a really big present… oh wait no it doesn't didn't we just pay for your tuition?

  5. denise says:

    note to all: if your kids get all of their motivation externally for doing well, in addition to teaching them to feel entitled to rewards like lab rats, you are depriving them of the ability to learn to be internally motivated.we need to do good, or do well, for our own self-satisfaction, for the amount of good we will put into the world by doing so… since lord knows we can't control what happens even in our private pockets of the world, learning how to create our own happiness is invaluable. that would be the key to success, and a great tool to pass along to our kids. better than a super-spangled-cutting-edge-gadget-cash-wad.

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