Foul Play

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Candid Kathryn! And for those of you hopping over from Babble from the Burbs – thanks for making the leap!

Starting a new blog is like raising a child – could be a world leader, could be a career criminal. Although, I suppose in today’s election zoo the two are interchangeable. And what better way to jump into a first post than with a little political humor.

In two days President Obama and Governor Romney will square off in their first head to head debate. (I can’t shake the image of Rock Em’ Sock Em’ Robots in power suits.) For me, a news junkie, this Superbowl of rhetoric and redirect is a veritable all you can eat buffet of OpEd material, but for the average Joe – it’s a snooze fest.

Channel surfing is inevitable. Somewhere around the 15 minute mark most voters find themselves fighting the urge to visit the Jersey Shore or Chop something. It’s sad, but true. Why sit through two-plus hours of mudslinging and blame placing when you could be learning to make roast chicken with rosemary potatoes?

I’ll tell you why.

Roast chicken will never decide the fate of the economy, healthcare, or education. It’s worth tuning in past the 15 minute mark; I promise Snooky will still be a train wreck November 7th.

Oh, as for the Vice Presidential debates – skip it. They’re both turkeys.




4 comments on “Foul Play

  1. Jane Sadek says:

    Just hit follow. Welcome to your new digs. As to the debates…it makes me crazy that people would rather listen to the talking heads yammering about the debates than hear the candidates themselves in their own words. It’s a strange world we live in. As for me, it’s scrapbooking night and I know my priorities. I’m recording the debate and watching later.

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