A Creepy Little Christmas

Every family has one or two odd holiday decorations: inflatable elves, dancing Santa, and in my house, Creepy Dead Guy.

(Bing Crosby I’m not.)

Here’s how it started.

A few years ago my parents moved, and in the process dumped…err…lovingly distributed their Christmas decorations between my brother, sister, and me.

Among the plethora of ornaments, lights, and wreaths were my Mother’s hoarder-like collection of Byers’ Choice Carolers. I inherited this bunch:


Cute, right? However, there was a flaw in Mom’s distribution system.

You see, Byers’ often come in themed sets, and Mom, God love her, split up the Scrooge posse, thus separating Ebenezer from his ghostly counterparts. My brother received the ghost of Christmas past, my sister, present, and for me….


Creepy Dead Guy (CDG)

I think his real name is Jacob Marley, but no matter – he’s creepy, and without Scrooge’s supporting cast, his slate complexion and death chains don’t quite gel with the other, rosy-cheeked crooners.

The first year I set the carolers out my youngest was nine.

“Mom,” he cried. “Put the scary one back in the box!”

“It’s just a doll.” I assured him.

“It’s creepy.”

“He’s a ghost, remember, from Scrooge?”

“He’s DEAD?”


“Put him back!!! Put the dead guy back!”

Thus, Creepy Dead Guy (CDG) was born.

That year the zombie songster slept in discarded want ads while the rest of the Byers’ gang enjoyed fifteen minutes of fame, but the following Christmas my son overcame his fear and allowed CDG to rejoin the festivities.

We still keep a close eye on CDG in case he decides to go Walking Dead on the unsuspecting Norwegian tourists,


…but I’m pretty sure Patches O’Glee, the dread pirate Choir Master will keep him in line.


 Happy Holidays! 


5 comments on “A Creepy Little Christmas

  1. Jane Sadek says:

    Well, you’ve given me a good laugh. I too have received a lot of treasures from my family, but no CDG’s. Merry, merry!

  2. Carrie Kramer says:

    So funny Kathy. Thanks for putting a big fat smile on my face…

  3. Tim O'Connor says:

    Our friend in Pennsylvania has so many of these figures she has to rotate them at Christmas. I think it takes her 4 years to go through the whole lot.

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