Thanks My Village!

My mind and my body are at war. Mind, the presumed wiser of the two, thinks three weeks post-surgery is the perfect time to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Body, typically the spin-class-slacker of the duo, keeps yelling at me to take it easy.

Stupid Body! I’ve got things to do, but in this case, and this one alone, I defer to her wisdom. And while I wait for the pair to sign a peace treaty, I thought I’d take a minute to thank all those who have made my stay on Limitation Island tolerable.

First up, our parents.

What you need to know is my mother is an organizer, and I, a bit scattered, blissfully reside on the corner of Hoarder and Mess. Post parental visit we have 78 (I counted) pair of matched socks, sheets sorted by size (who does that?), and every cabinet, drawer, and closet neat as a pin. I don’t know where anything is, but I appreciate the effort. (Dad supervised well from his seat on the couch and managed to survive swim practice without heat stroke.)

You should have seen it before!

You should have seen it before!

And to my mother-in-law, thank you for your culinary talents and for making sure my children consumed at least one vegetable per meal. Not one of your son’s strong suits. 🙂

Second, our friends Bill and Pat.

Exercising an overly active Labrador takes skill, patience, and a pocket full of cookies. Thank you for possessing all three in endless quantities.

Third, the Mommy Posse.

To the lovely ladies of South Windsor, too many to mention, thank you for the food, raunchy cards, and general surrogate parenting of my brood. I couldn’t have done it without you! The random drive-by soupings and frozen yogurt runs made the last weeks infinitely more palatable! My freezer is full, my children herded, and my sense of humor remains intact due to your diligent efforts. (And that’s not the narcotics talking!)

soup sandy

Fourth, the kind-hearted knitters of Wapping Community Church.

me shawl

Thank you for the wonderful prayer shawl! Your compassion continues to weave its way into my heart and warm my chronically chilly toes on the coldest of days. However, there is a problem; I’m not the only one in love with the shawl and the other party does not share well.

maggie shawl

Last, and never least, Hubby.

You da’ man. And da’ Mom. And da’ chauffer. And da’ shopper. And da’ nurse. And you do it all with a smile! I love you! So much that I’ll share the remote, even on Downton days! flowers

 My village rocks!


2 comments on “Thanks My Village!

  1. Jane Sadek says:

    Surgery? Sorry you’ve been out of commission. I’ve been wondering what you were up to. Hope we’ll be hearing lots more from you soon.

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