Recalls and Regrets

I drive a 2004 Honda Pilot; a basketball dented, coffee crusted cup holder, lacrosse cleat smelling SUV. The car wash maimed window stickers proclaim honor students, vacation conquests, and an obsession with Labradors. However, I draw the line, pun intended, at stick figure families. Truth must return to advertising, and although my children have twig-like limbs, Hubby and I require more adhesive window space. Yes, my friends, I am that HOT!

About a month ago, OK, that’s a lie; six months ago, the Mom Mobile got a recall notice. Have you ever tried to schedule a car-less day into suburban mayhem? Let me tell you, it’s simpler to unravel a mile of Christmas lights with a pair of tweezers. Nevertheless, according to the three increasingly urgent letters and five (yes five) calls from Honda, the recall was mandatory; I had to get it done. Therefore, after much juggling and a quick decontamination sweep, Hubby and I dropped off the slightly less garbage-barge-like car at the dealership and headed home.

Of course, this got me thinking if given the opportunity, what life decisions would I recall. For example:

1980’s Hair: That cavernous hole in the ozone over Antarctica – all me.

Diets: Carb free resulted in a dark incident Hubby and I agreed never to speak of again.

Voice lessons: Some people should dance.

Dance lessons: Some people should write.

Premature Query: For the non-writer followers, a query is a shameless, grovel laden letter to an agent or publisher extolling the superior quality of your manuscript. However, typo-ridden, improperly formatted, and dangerously undercooked submissions need time to simmer – avoid literature salmonella!

Cloth diapers: Save the planet, great. Save the 2AM bath, bed-strip, and spousal screaming, better.

With the exception of hair product abuse and infant leakage, all the above helped sculpt my character into the mix of candor and subtly it is today. 🙂 After all, what fun is life without a few recallable moments?

 car repair 2

*Coming Next Week*

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