Three Words for Washington

Dear Congress:

I hate you.

A childish statement, yes, however, I want to ensure I’m speaking at a level you fully comprehend.  

My ever-polite mother would say, “You don’t hate them, Kathryn Elizabeth, you dislike them a great deal. Hate is an ugly word.”  But nothing shy of hatred captures my feelings towards the flaming dung heap you’ve managed to bury the American dream under this time.

Like many, I’ve watched the late night talk show hosts lambaste your sophomoric antics. I chuckle, click off the remote, and fall asleep with a grin. Then morning comes, reality hits, and we, the American people face the stark reality our nation is falling down the rabbit hole, led by a maddening group of simpering idiots’ hell bent on making the United States anything but united.

If you can’t pull it together for me, then how about for my history buff son and thousands of other school age students preparing for DC trips this fall. My poor little man spent hours constructing an essay in hopes of laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown. He researched monuments, museums and squirreled away lawn mowing money for souvenirs.  Nothing says DC like a bobble head Boehner! As of today, the open-to-the-public highlights of his trip include the Spy Museum, Dave & Busters, and a highly anticipated New Jersey rest stop.

Here’s an idea. If the historic sites remain closed, and you’re not too busy on the back nine, can my son and his 120 classmates come to your house for a Q and A on effective government? Don’t panic; they’ll speak slowly and use flash cards so you can follow along.

Don’t like the Affordable Health Care Act? Neither do I; it’s financially killing the very citizens who fund it, but it is law; one you and the Supreme Court approved. Accept it or find a way to make changes without storming out of the sandbox like a toddler.  And while you’re at it, how about patching the debt ceiling looming over us like a narcoleptic Sumo wrestler; the minute our back turns that sucker will topple like a Redwood.  Stop ignoring it!  I ignored calories and they still latched on to my ass; spoiler alert, there’s no Ass Fairy or Debt Ceiling Santa!

I don’t care if you’re a Democrat, Republican, or Tea Partier, you, our elected officials, have fallen from the symbolic light atop Lady Liberty’s torch, to the worthless scrap of urine soaked toilet paper stuck to her sandal. You embarrass me, and you embarrass our country on a global scale. Grow up, or get out.


Kathryn Elliott

Angry Citizen


4 comments on “Three Words for Washington

  1. Jane Sadek says:

    Can we throw the mainstream media in the hate pile? I found myself screaming at Diane Sawyer last night because her reports were so obviously biased (and I usually enjoy Diane). Political shenanigans gave us this vile program in the first place. (Remember, “You have to pass the law so we can read it”?) Republicans didn’t start this fight, but at least they are trying to do something about a law that, in spite of it’s passing and Supreme Court blessing, the majority of Americans are against. A seat in the Senate or the House should be a service to the public, not a career. And the media should be reporting the news and leave the op ed for the editorial page. Sorry to go all political on you, but when I look at Washington, I see a bunch of school yard bullies and the ones reporting on the fight aren’t telling the whole story.

  2. Hi Jane. I turned off the TV weeks ago, Netflix and I have become close friends. If there ever was a time to develop a love of reading…it’s now!

  3. Don Elliott says:

    Well stated from my beautiful bride.

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