Angry Kathryn and the Half-Truth Twits

Somewhere between knowledge and ignorance lies social media; to discern between the two, individuals require a substantial Crap-O-Meter (COM).

Humans come hardwired with COMs. Babies know the second Mom slides peas into the apple sauce, parents know teenagers do not wear cologne for themselves, and spouses sure as spit know their better half is faking flu when the Steelers play during church. Confession, my COM malfunctions, false dog food recalls and freebies slide by on occasion, but for the most part, what I post on social media is a fact – say it with me folks, fact!

In the muck of the current government shutdown, I’ve noticed an alarming spike in COM glitches.  Smart, reasonably sane men and women are littering cyberspace with half-truth trash; X politician said this, Y politician said that, the misinformation is too vast to mention in a single blog post. But guess what happens when the trash talk and outright fibs slink past COMs and into everyday life; an avalanche of stupid!

Here are a couple of examples from my glamorous life:

Tuesday: Dentist Office

Me: “Can you tell me if Dr. PDQ is running on time?”

Receptionist: “Yes, thank God. My husband and I are driving to Canada today.”

Me: “That’s nice; vacation?”

Receptionist: “Yes, to see our grandkids, but we need to leave before they close the border.”

Me: “Um, border?”

Receptionist: “My daughter sent me a link on Facebook, the government is shutting the borders because of Obamacare and that whole mess.”

Yeah, dentist didn’t need to say “open wide” – left my mouth gaping.

Wednesday: Grocery Store

Me: (self-checkout, aka, hell) “Excuse me, my ATM card isn’t working.”

Manager: (punches in magic numbers) “Try it again.”

Me: (swipe) “Nope.”

Manager: “Ah hell, I bet it’s the shutdown. Twitter said the banks were going to crash.”

All hail Twitter the omnipotent.

Cartoons, jokes, overall ribbing of political parties – I get it – humor, but how about we do each other a favor and think twice before hitting the share button for so-called truths? After all, do you genuinely want your name linked to fictitious crap when there are so many pumpkin recipes and fat high school pictures to post? Make the world a better, more informed place and stop the stupid avalanche before it claims another victim.




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