Good Times!

I despise being late, and if you keep me waiting, (foot taps, crater scowl) I’m not the #10 bus! There will NOT be another one around in twelve minutes.

However, I’m human, and somewhere between precise and crapshoot lie my time-management skills. Camp Elliott does not run like a Swiss watch, it’s more like a sloth-ish Timex. Work wise I’ve yet to miss a deadline, (I’m sure this tempts the newspaper Gods), home wise, the odds are NEVER in my favor.

Don’t get me wrong, my kids arrive on time for school, activities, and their merry-go-round of social obligations, and granted a five-minute grace period Hubby and I slide into our appointments with seconds to spare. The problem is, regardless of an enviable on-time success rate, something critical gets overlooked as I dash out the door and I’m sick and tired of arriving at business meetings with half shaven legs, one plucked brow, and strawberry yogurt-crust lipstick. I’m a hairy-dairy pirate.  

Post holidays, every stinking year, I vow to improve, and for the most part the trend is inching up. The iPhone is a tremendous help; hourly beeps of encouragement keep me on task, but the beeps, like my brainpower, need a boost in 2014.

One time-saving benefit, or possibly curse, is a new driver in the house. Much like Congress, milk runs and Chinese food pick up have fallen to minority members of the staff, therefore, lightening my duties and increasing the possibility of full shower, with conditioner! Curly hair and hot air heat do not a supermodel make.

Now, why am I eating up time this morning venting about, err, time? I’ll give you two answers.

First, family is priority one. My personal/professional scale is a tad one-sided as of late; it’s time to reclaim the balance.

Second, I’ll be cutting back the guest blogs and ghost gigs to focus on publishing my first novel with The Wild Rose Press. (You can dance, I did!) Very exciting – more details to come. I’m still sorting through the e-valanche of things to do, and thrilled to join the TWRP family!

Happy New Year!

new year


PS – Answers to the earlier Top 10 Holiday Hookers now posted.


2 comments on “Good Times!

  1. Congratulations on the debut novel!!!!!

    I shall now get up and do a Snoopy dance for you.

    There. I’m back.

    Interestingly, great minds must work alike, because I wrote about Time in my blog, today!

    Again – Happy Days!

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