Time Damagement

Ever wake up, look at your to-do list and say, “Kill me.” Yeah, me too, that’s why I started saying NO to the unnecessary a year ago and haven’t looked back.

A chronic yesser, the first attempts at polite rejections shocked those accustomed to my Sure-I-Have-Time, I’ll-Eat-Bathe-And-Sleep-Later ways. (Honestly, most days I ran out with my hair looking like a ferret in a blender.) Alas, the Yes Train derailed in epic fashion when a friend, and yes, she’s still a friend, volunteered my pushover persona as committee chair for an upcoming event without my consent.

Don’t do that, ever. There will be blood.

We managed to duke it out without police intervention, (translation – her problem now), however the incident sparked a time-management debate. And guess what, I won. Earth continues to spin without cramming more obligation-fluff into the calendar. God will not kill a puppy if I skip a town meeting, candy bar sales do not equate to self-worth, and regardless of how skilled my nacho building, another willing soul can staff the church carnival. Sure, volunteer, but moderation is key. We’ve all heard the expression time is money, but it’s more than that, it’s a measure of how we live.

timeTime is more bedtime stories, less after hour emails; more driving lessons, less volunteer committees; more Guitar Hero, less networking; more dinners at home, less RSVPs; less rushing, more living.  Don’t fear the NO, time is breathing room – exhale.  




2 comments on “Time Damagement

  1. Carrie Kramer says:

    A wise sage you are.

  2. Amen!

    So much of our time is directed toward what “the world” says is important, but the really important things are puppies who want to play, flowers with a scent that’s just for you, and the sunset that can live on only in your memory.

    Plus, of course, the person you love who may not be there tomorrow.

    I was once asked to chair a board. My reply was “Fine. I consider a board to be long, hard, and narrow, and made of wood. If I chair, I make the decisions, meetings last five minutes, and there will be no backchat.”

    Thought that this would get the invitation retracted. Wrong. That was the kind of chairman they WANTED.

    It was fun, but the moral was…be careful how you phrase ‘No’.

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