Hugh-Mongus Week!

I struggled with today’s lead for a solid hour before I said, screw it…


That’s right, ME, and HUGH, and NO restraining order!

Was this an isolated incident you ask? Yes. However, in my mind we’re tremendous pals, taking our families on holiday together, comparing the merits of stage versus screen while we sip mojitos and nosh on free-range, gluten-free delights. Of course we’re both happily married, and would never act on our unrequited longings for each other; we’re too moral for infidelity. But the undercurrents, dear God the undercurrents. Our restraint is Herculean.

It’s my delusion, let me have it.

Moving on.

My hubby, the real love of my life, treated me to a 20th anniversary gift like no other – front row seats to see my pal Hugh and the fabulous Laura Donnelly in The River on Broadway. We braved what should have been a two-hour drive through ice and snow, arriving four hours later barely in time for curtain. There we sat – mesmerized, completely transfixed by what I, a theater-nerd, consider one of the most engaging performances I’ve ever witnessed. Ladies, if your fella’ isn’t a theater buff –this is his show! 90 minutes long, no singing, no dancing, partial nudity…and it’s about fishing!



Outlander friends, Laura is an absolute sweetheart; a phenomenal actor with a wicked sense of humor. She’s going to KILL it as Jenny Fraser.

Laura d

Now, on to Hugh and the hug.

Unfortunately, I did not manage a picture of the infamous canoodle; perhaps we’ll have another chance on our joint Jackman/Elliott trip to Fiji. (Waiting for his people to get back to me.) Here’s the best almost-pic I have. Hugh’s on my right – his “muscle” in the back.


Now, the most important reason for today’s post. I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to my darling husband for Mariano Rivera-ing the phone at him and screaming for pictures when my Hugh Moment arrived.  After all, if it weren’t for hubby, the hug would never have happened.


Me: “Hugh, it’s our 20th anniversary and we came to see you!”

My New BFF: “Congrats, that’s fantastic!” (Side hug.) “Where is he?”

Me: “Um,” looks toward the mob behind me. “Somewhere back there.”

My New BFF: (Chuckles.)

Sigh...his laugh knots my knickers.



#MyPeakChalleng Update

30lbs Down and counting! 

#ThePeakPosse Rocks! Get involved!



2 comments on “Hugh-Mongus Week!

  1. I am totally envious! I would go to a show about a fisherman as long as I could stare at that hot masculinity for 90 minutes!

  2. angie says:

    Great..great and more greatness.

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