Down Write Dirty

Ever had one of those months where getting out of bed is a big goal? Yeah, I’m there.

Not sure if it’s the mounting snowbanks or my turtleneck-hatred, but climbing out of the flannel cocoon each day is getting harder and harder.  I’ve actually gone so far as to wear sunblock as moisturizer in hopes of fooling my brain into beach-mode. No dice.

One upside of climate-induced house-arrest is writing time. Of course that requires Muse to stop being a fickle wench and get to work. She takes issue with forced creativity; sometimes she’s a sport, others…well, let’s just say she’s all caught up on The Bachelor. (Those women stand too close to the microwave.)

Each night Muse and I sit down to work on book two in The McGinn Series, Finding Caroline. A follow-up to Adding Lib, Finding Caroline focuses on Sean and Caroline’s story, and yes, there is considerably more steam in this storyline. (And by steam I mean smut, but my mother reads this. Must censor.)

Smut does not come easy to me. (Oh, the play on words with that statement.) I lock the office door, my warning to the family Mommy is crafting filth and fire off a few pages of smolder. Eventually Catholic school guilt eats a crater in my stomach lining and I wittle the prose-porn down to a couple of paragraphs of naked frivolity; all strong plots begin and end with naked frivolity.

My point is good writing forces an author outside their comfort zone. Of course in my case, Hubby would prefer I be more comfortable in this particular zone, but life is full of disappointment – he’ll adjust.

Many thanks for all the emails, Tweets and Facebook posts praising Adding Lib! Life is better with laughter; glad we can share some together!

My parents' library shelf. Nice placement; God, Elliott, Chaucer, Dickens, Kipling.

My parents’ library shelf. Nice placement; God, Elliott, Chaucer, Dickens, Kipling.



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